Behaviors of Change

Behaviors of Change

In 1993, the culmination of a lifelong dream to play pro football was well within Tim’s reach. But then, a convergence of events changed Tim’s course dramatically and his dream was squandered, resulting in depression and failure. What happened next was a miraculous, immediate transformation, a change in behavior that converted Tim’s life from despair to hope. A spiritual awakening had enabled a physical transformation, a one hundred-plus pound weight loss, in three months’ time. But the physical transformation on the surface provided only a glimpse of the spiritual and mental transformation Tim underwent on the inside.

Change from the Inside Out

salvationOver the course of the next twenty years, he validated and documented that the transformation he endured during the summer of 1993 was legitimate and permanent. Tim’s growing relationship with the Lord inspired and guided the transformational ‘180 degree’ change twenty years ago, and this book details the strategies he developed and executed, not only to change, but to ensure that the behaviors of change are permanent. These strategies are presented in such a way as to enable the reader to apply them to his or her life, touching on many change facets across spiritual, mental and physical realms, establishing a credible foundation for success.

“Behaviors of Change shows how, regardless of what your circumstances may be and how low you may have fallen, there is a way out that will far exceed your expectations. The love of God knows no bounds and the joy and love he showers on us is amazing.  A great read!”  Natalia Lebedeva – Florida

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